Guitar Center Customer Loses Fight With Elmo

Who would punch Elmo in the back of the head? A disgruntled customer at a Guitar Center in Florida, that’s who. The Elmo performer was working a gig at a toy store next door, then wandered over to Guitar Center. That’s when a customer came in, played some drums, behaved aggressively toward other customers and staff, then punched Elmo.

The Elmo character told the local news station WFTV that after he felt the punch, he took off his head and gloves and threw them down, which in mascot culture means “Oh it’s on,” and then: ELMO FIGHT!

I took all his power and guided him into the glass. Not on purpose, you know, but to get him off of me, and he just happened to go head first into the glass case.


It looks good for the kids though. Elmo’s kicking butt, keeping society good. [Laughs.]

CNN says that the attacker suffered two broken fingers, and he’s undergoing a mental health evaluation. I imagine he looks something like this:


Here’s the news clip if you want to hear about the fight directly from Elmo.

“Man attacks Elmo; Elmo wins” [CNN]

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