Fired Domino's Worker Torches Two Of Its Stores

A disgruntled ex-Domino’s Pizza employee was arrested after starting fires inside two of the chain’s stores. The blazes began when he came to the places after hours and lit piles of pizza boxes on fire.

NY Daily News:

Thomas turned bitter against Domino’s after hoodlums attacked him outside the store, his family claims. He was fired for leaving the store unlocked during the fight as co-workers counted money inside.

His jaw was broken in the brawl, leaving him unable to eat or talk for six weeks, according to family members.

“Domino’s is a terrible place to work,” Thomas seethed, according to court papers. “They didn’t treat me right. They are terrible to the workers. I was punched at work and nobody helped me.”

Well at least he didn’t stick boogers on the pizza.

Fired Domino’s Pizza employee torches two of chain’s Bronx storefronts: authorities [NYDaily News] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

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