Walmart Says It Will Add 10,000 Jobs, Open Dozens Of Stores This Year

A year after Walmart announced it would close 154 stores round the country, eliminating the jobs of about 10,000 employees, the big box retailer unveiled plans to open or relocate dozens of stores and hire more than 10,000 workers. [More]


Lawsuit Claims Chick-Fil-A Discriminates Against Job Applicants With Disabilities

An autistic man who was interested in working at an Illinois Chick-fil-A claims in a lawsuit against the fast food chain that he was dissuaded from applying for a job after the restaurant’s manager said people with disabilities wouldn’t do well there. [More]

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Government Will Try To Figure Out How Many Americans Are Now Part Of The “On-Demand” Workforce

How many Americans are making money from “on-demand” jobs — like being an Uber driver, selling stuff on Etsy, or renting out a room on Airbnb — that either didn’t exist until a few years ago or have exploded in popularity thanks to technological innovations? No one really knows, with various reports putting it at anywhere from 5% of the workforce to more than a third. So, for the first time in more than a decade, the U.S. Department of Labor will try to get a more accurate headcount on so-called “contingent” workers. [More]

Target Must Pay $2.8M To Settle Claims Of Unfair Hiring Practices

Target Must Pay $2.8M To Settle Claims Of Unfair Hiring Practices

Target Corp. must pay $2.8 million to settle allegations that thousands of people lost out on a chance to be employed by the company because of certain discriminatory pre-employment assessments. [More]

Chipotle Plans To Hire 4,000 People In Single Day

Chipotle Plans To Hire 4,000 People In Single Day

Chipotle has a plan to grow its workforce by 7%, not over the course of a year or even a few months. The burrito chain’s goal is to accomplish this feat — hiring 4,000 new employees — in the course of a single day in September. [More]

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Bill Aims To Stop Employers From Incorrectly Classifying Employees As Independent Contractors

In general, an independent contractor or freelancer is a worker who runs their own business but is hired by others for specific purposes and projects. But a growing number of employers have been using the independent contractor label on what had long been considered employees, often with the goal of shedding the cost of contributing to insurance and retirement benefits. A new piece of legislation seeks to make sure that businesses aren’t mislabeling employees as contractors. [More]

Brooklyn Law School Program Reimburses 15% Of Tuition For Graduates Who Can’t Find Work

Brooklyn Law School Program Reimburses 15% Of Tuition For Graduates Who Can’t Find Work

There’s no guarantee that spending tens of thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – of dollars on higher education will pay off with a job in your preferred field. But instead of leaving graduates buried under piles of student loan debt and wondering why they wanted to practice law in the first place, one New York law school is putting its money where its mouth is, offering to repay portions of graduates’ tuition if they can’t find employment. [More]

A coalition of companies - led by Starbucks - have vowed to put nearly 100,000 consumers ages 16 to 24 to work over the next three years.

Starbucks, 17 Other Companies Partner To Provide “Opportunity Youth” With Jobs, Internships

Teaching young adults responsibility — and showing them that responsibility can have financial benefits — pays off in the long run by cultivating a solid work ethic. That’s the thinking behind a new multi-company initiative spearheaded by Starbucks. [More]


Nearly 14% Of Zappos Staff Left After Company Implemented New Management System With No Bosses

Earlier this year, online shoe retailer Zappos unveiled a new management system that banished managers and job titles. While some employees might embrace a culture without a boss, more than 200 Zappos staffers decided to take a severance deal rather than continue working under the new boss-free model. [More]

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Using Times New Roman On Your Résumé Is Like “Putting On Sweatpants For A Job Interview”

Once upon a time, you actually had to type your résumé on real paper. If you wanted it to look special, you needed to find a letterpress shop to rework it into something special. But now we have a world of typographic options at our fingertips… and yet, when it comes time to apply for a job, so many of us still choose good ol’ Times New Roman. [More]

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Attention, Austin: Consumerist Is Hiring Technology Folks

You’re reading this site right now, if these words are beaming through your eyeballs into your brain — and you could be working for it, if you’ve got the technological savvy and happen to live in Austin, Texas. [More]

Be one in a long line of awesome CR employees, like these guys in 1960.

Calling All Health & Electronics Editors: Consumer Reports Is Hiring

Are you all about electronics? Or maybe you’re in the trenches of health reporting, and seeking a change to your career. If so, today could be the day you find the job you want. Consumer Reports is hiring a Deputy Content Editor for Electronics, and an Investigative Editor and Editor in its Health department. [More]

Do you get paid to be set aflame for the amusement of others? Let us know... (photo: Don Buciak II)

Got An Interesting Or Unique Job? Do Tell Us All About It

When you tell people what you do for a living, do people look at you strangely? Do some folks tell you they had no idea that you could actually get paid to do what you do. Perhaps you’re a submarine designer, or you give tours of abandoned subway tunnels. Maybe you run a roller derby league, or sit at a machine all day making a part for a product that everyone uses but most people don’t even think about. If so, we want to hear your story. [More]


Consumer Reports Hiring Secret Shoppers In 4 States

UPDATE: The application period for this position is now closed. [More]

Fulfilling That ‘Banker Bro’ Stereotype In Job-Hunting E-mails Is A Bad Idea

Fulfilling That ‘Banker Bro’ Stereotype In Job-Hunting E-mails Is A Bad Idea

It’s one thing (though still obnoxious) to be a brash, backstabbing alpha male when you’re out on the town with business associates. It’s another for a job applicant to be so dimwitted as to put that same arrogant attitude into an e-mail and assume it’s not going to be forwarded around, and probably end up on the smartphone screen of the very people you’re insulting. [More]

The 5 Jobs With Widest Pay Gap Between Men & Women

The 5 Jobs With Widest Pay Gap Between Men & Women

Sadly, lots of people won’t be shocked to find that many women in the workforce still earn less than their male counterparts, but you may be surprised to see just how wide that gap can be, especially on jobs where gender would seem to play absolutely no role in one’s success or failure. [More]

Hey Electronics Experts, Consumer Reports Is Hiring

Hey Electronics Experts, Consumer Reports Is Hiring

Our more respectable siblings over at Consumer Reports have an opening for a passionate electronics industry expert, and since we know there are more than a few of you out there reading Consumerist, we figured it was worth bringing to your attention. [More]


Would You Get A Tattoo Of Your Employer’s Logo?

Some tattoo fans (not all, obviously) believe that tattooing the name of your beloved on your body dooms your relationship. It’s the same with matching tattoos. But what about your relationship with your workplace? Does getting matching tattoos with your colleagues doom your career and guarantee a layoff? One New York City real estate brokerage hopes not. They offered agents a 15% raise if they got a company logo tattoo. [More]