AT&T Comes In Last In Latest Network Quality Survey Among Consumers

J.D.Power and Associates released a new survey last week that measured customer complaints among national cellular networks, and although different companies excel in different regions, AT&T is still consistently the laggard when it comes to call connections and overall quality. Of the six regions covered in the survey, AT&T places last in four of them. The only part of the country where it does okay is the North Central Region, where it places third, and where the otherwise highly-ranked Verizon comes in last.

You can compare all six regions at the J.D.Power website, but here are the six leading carriers for each region:

West – Verizon
Northeast – Verizon
Mid-Atlantic – Verizon
Southeast – Sprint / T-Mobile / Verizon (tie)
North Central – U.S. Cellular
Southwest – T-Mobile

“Incidence of Dropped Calls Increases Considerably among Customers Who Are Most Likely to Switch Wireless Providers” [J.D.Power and Associates]

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