DOT Updates 'Fly Rights' Airline Consumer Guide

The Department of Transportation has updated its consumer guide to air travel, which provides a quick summary of what to look for when buying a ticket, and what protections you have during travel. It’s also a good starting point when you have an airline-related problem and need more information before deciding what to do next.

Under Complaining, the guide provides addresses for complaints and guidelines on how to complain effectively. It also points out something we’ve all discussed on this blog in the past: be nice when you complain, because you’ll likely get better service. Just last week, my partner was stranded overnight in a connecting city, but because he said “hell” to the overly-sensitive U.S. Airways employee, the employee walked off. Half an hour later he spoke to a different U.S. Airways employee–in a calmer tone of voice–and got the hotel voucher the airline promises in its contract of carriage.

You can read or bookmark the online version of the guide at I couldn’t find a downloadable PDF version.

“DOT Updates “Fly Rights” Airline Consumer Guide” [DOT]

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