How To Switch Banks Without Screwing Stuff Up

Switching banks is like going through a divorce. Lots of paperwork, hurt feelings, twinges of regret and the shaky knowledge that if you press on you’ll end up in a better situation afterward.

PF Firewall has an 8-step how-to guide to coach you through the process. Here are a couple highlights:

*Consider ordering checks from your new bank. Even if you never write a check, you still may want to order some in case your employer requires a canceled check for direct deposit.

*After you cancel your automatic bills on your old account, make sure there’s enough money left to cover the payments in case a cancellation doesn’t go through.

When was the last time you switched banks, why did you make the move and what problems did you encounter?

8 Steps To Insure a Seamless Switch From Old Bank To New [PF Firewall]

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