Man Voices Displeasure With Taco John's By Throwing A Live Snake Through Drive-Thru Window

If you have a grudge of some sort against your local fast food establishment, there are probably better methods of expressing yourself than pulling up to the drive-thru window and throwing a live snake at the employee inside.

But that’s exactly what a man in Williston, North Dakota, is charged with doing at the neighborhood Taco John’s eatery.

Police in Williston received a call Saturday night after a customer hurled a 2.5-foot long rat snake through the drive-thru window.

Perhaps feeling the long arm of the Williston PD closing in on him, the 21-year-old snake-thrower went to the police the next evening and voluntarily spoke to officers about the bizarre incident. Police say he was apologetic about the snake toss, but he was still charged with disorderly conduct.

Rat snake thrown at drive-thru
Williston man is charged with disorderly conduct
[Williston Herald]

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