Cab Driver Locks Doors, Holds Passenger Hostage For Trying To Pay With Credit Card

There’s a driver for Pittsburgh Yellow Cab Company who doesn’t like it when you try to pay with a Discover card, even though the company’s website says they accept it. When Adam tried this, the driver accused him of trying to avoid paying, then locked the doors and initially refused to let him go to an ATM 15 feet away unless he left all of his belongings behind. While Adam called the cab company to complain (he was routed to a voicemail inbox), the driver called the police. Twice.

You can read his full story at his blog, but eventually he managed to get out of the car with his laptop still in his possession, and make it to the ATM. Even then, it took a police officer to get a receipt from him.

Doesn’t this count as false imprisonment? If so, I’m surprised the officers on the scene just told Adam to file a complaint with the cab company’s voicemail system.

“So I Was Held Hostage By Yellow Cab” []

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