Pizza Hut Fires Idiotic Employees For Acting Like Idiotic Domino's Employees

Looks like Domino’s isn’t the only chain that employs morons who make a public record of their jackassery in the kitchen. Two employees at a Pizza Hut in Pflugerville, TX, find themselves out of work because they not only took lewd photos of themselves messing around at work, but also posted them on MySpace.

According to TV station KVUE, who were tipped off to the pics by an anonymous viewer, the photos show “a worker licking a whisk, along with X-rated poses with food.” Unfortunately, they only aired the whisk pic.

The two employees were recently given the boot from their jobs, but Pizza Hut HQ says it’s all much ado about not terribly much, telling KVUE that the photos are “out of context, possibly Photoshopped and over two years old.”

Says a rep for Pizza the Hut:

We have policies in place regarding the use of social media at work. Even though the employees admit that this was a prank, and we have confidence that our food safety and quality standards were upheld, it ultimately cost the individuals their jobs.

KVUE says their tipster also claimed the dismissed employees spat in food and licked utensils.

Anonymous tipster, whoever you are: There are better places to send things like this… our tipline, for one.

Pizza Hut employees fired over lewd pictures []

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