CVS Knows Babies And Sleep Don't Mix

Catherine spotted this convenient setup at her CVS, saving sleep-deprived parents the need to go zombie-strolling into the pharmacy to pick up some sleeping pills and diapers in one fell swoop.

She writes:

More strategic product placement– I took this photo a few weeks ago at my local CVS in Brooklyn. I checked the other day and they are still pushing the sleep aid next to the baby wipes! I guess they are hoping that a sleep deprived parent would pick this up as an impulse buy? It’s almost as good as the condoms being sold next to the baby formula that I saw in a Walgreens in Sacramento (which I wish I had taken a photo of… as a new parent, I spend more time that I’d care to mention in the baby aisle in drugstores).

In my experience, sleeping isn’t a problem when caring for babies because you’re so exhausted you drift off whenever you get the opportunity. It’s staying awake at work that tends to be the issue, so CVS should start stocking energy drinks near diapers.

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