Reader Gets $40 Per Month Knocked Off FiOS Bill

Reader Shelve says he was able to get Verizon to give him $40 per month off his FiOS bill. How?

He just signed up for FiOS and when he got that first bill in the mail it was higher than it was promised to be. Shelve called up and threatened to cancel. Since they didn’t want all that hard work of drilling through his house and successfully avoiding hitting the electrical lines to go to waste, the Verizon rep said she had a special $40/month retention credit available for people with high-cost packages.

Schweet! Perhaps others can take advantage of this same credit.


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  1. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    Honestly, they would have to pay me to dump my FiOS.

    • georgi55 says:

      Same. I might be willing to pay 2x what I pay now before I ever consider going back to Comcast.

      • UCLAri: Allergy Sufferer says:

        I tried using Cablevision for half a year. They promised me a gift card and to pay the early termination fee for FiOS.

        They paid the fee late and never gave me the gift card. In the end, I dropped Cablevision and never went back. Never will. The Internet was slow, the TV was highly compressed, and the customer service sucked.

        FiOS FOR LIFE.

        • Remmy75 says:

          I agree, I would never give up my FIOS and go back to the hell that was Comcast.

          My wife’s aunt switched to FIOS too, but for some reason she was never particuarlly happy with FIOS. She is never happy, but thats another story. So she switched back to Comcast. She had her Comcast back for like 3 days and remembered why she left, called Verizon back and got FIOS back.

    • Matzoball says:

      Steve do you use the DVR service? What is available here is below any competitor. And we actually have multiple options that don’t suck.

  2. mikebw says:

    I may have to contact them again about lowering my bill. The service is fine but they just increased the price $10/mo with no change in services, I don’t think that’s right but when I tried to get a break using their online chat support they had nothing to do with it. They said there were only deals for new customers… thanks a lot. I’ve been using FiOS since it first came out like 5 years ago and I get nothing for it. Seriously ready to just drop the TV portion all together and go Internet only.

    • BrianneG says:

      They just did the same to us. I guess an introductory plan ended. Wonder if we could switch it to my name from my husband’s and get a new introductory plan.

  3. RobHoliday says:

    I have FiOS. Was paying $165/mo for TV/phone/internet. Bought an Ooma Telo and dropped the bill to around $100/mo (free IP phone). Built a HTPC with dual HD tuners (just like a DVR) and put up an antenna (12 good channels) dropped the FiOS TV. Now my bill is around $50/mo and with the HTPC and HULU, I’m not missing a thing. (some shows I still need BitTorrent for though.)

    • georgi55 says:

      You are missing “a thing” or two if you are resulting to illegal downloading. It’s one thing to download an episode your forgot to Tivo/DVR, totally another to download because you cut your cable/fiber/shot down satellite.

      • jason in boston says:

        Not all shows are available to watch “legitly” online.

        I do the same thing, but with Comcast business. Business models have to change. Just like the music industry did after 15 years, the video industry will have to as well. I’m in my late 20s. I don’t know many people in my age bracket that actually pay for cable tv. They just get the internet service. It isn’t work $1500 a year just to watch live sports on NESN.

        • jason in boston says:

          *worth /jason needs an edit button.

        • Zini says:

          agreed if HBO let me watch shows online when they come out on cable i would pay for that but im not going to pay for the entire cable package of 100+ channels if i only want 4. if HBO offed a monthly fee to watch online i would pay 10-15 a month for it. Until then its torrents for my HBO show addiction…

      • Chris says:

        No, both of those “things” are just as illegal as the other.

        I’ve noticed that living with non-techie people also limits one’s ability to glue and tape a solution together like this. Ease of use is much more important and worth the few extra bucks.

        • PunditGuy says:

          I don’t think that’s right. “Uploading” violates section 106 of the copyright code, which gives copyright holders the exclusive right to distribute copies of their copyrighted material. What does downloading violate?

          • Sepp_TB says:

            You could just look at the warning on every DVD out there =)
            “The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, blahblahblah…”

            IANAL, but I think downloading could be argued as reproduction. Even if its small, compared to the mass copying/distribution that was original the intent of the warning, I’d say it counts. That “including infringement without monetary gain” part was added not too long ago specifically because of all the file sharing.

      • jason in boston says:

        Downloading is not illegal at all. It is the uploading that is illegal. I can download the hell out of whatever I wan. As long as I block uploading packets, there is no crime.

        • lawnmowerdeth says:

          Um, no.
          It’s just that uploading is what gets you caught.

          • jason in boston says:

            I would like to know what law I am breaking by downloading.

            • MauriceCallidice says:

              Federal copyright law.

              • jason in boston says:

                Be more specific.

                Remind me again…what did Jammie and the BU kid get accused of? What is the lawsuit against the Hurt Locker torrent about. Thanks right kids, uploading. No one has ever been sued or arrested for merely downloading. They are sued for uploading or arrested for distribution.

                Do people actually read the first pages of lawsuits anymore, or just get their information from news bites?

    • kingofmars says:

      If the cost of renting the dvr was an issue, you can add a ceton infinitv4 tuner with a cable card. That’s what I’m doing. I’m waiting on bs to come out on the 30th. I can’t wait to record 4 hd streams at once.

  4. crabbyman6 says:

    I had the same thing happen to me just for complaining about how good a deal new customers were getting and how bad a deal I was getting. New customers get all HD channels, internet and phone for $90 and I was paying $125 for some of the HD channels since I was on an old plan and slower internet. I called and threatened to cancel and they said if I bumped up to their best package they’d give me the $40/month credit for a year(cheaper than my old plan even though its better) and after that I can just downgrade. It took a few calls until I actually got a decent rep, but it was well worth it.

  5. jojo319 says:

    I’m just tired of having to “do the dance” every six months in order to get a reasonable rate. I had to do it with Comcast, and now that I’ve switched to U-Verse I will have to do it with them in about 4 months. Right now I am happy to pay $115 for 22 Mbps Internet and the U-Verse 300 package. The problem is this will jump up about $50 a month. So i will call, threaten to cancel, etc…….If I’m lucky I will get the same pricing for another year. Then it starts over. i think cable/phone companies should be forbidden to offer teaser rates.

    • dolemite says:

      Wow, that’s a good deal. I was paying $115 a month with Comcast for:
      6mb internet
      Basic + digital (middle tier)

  6. koali says:

    I had the same thing happen to me with Comcast. I signed up using their online chat and made sure that I saved the conversation. When I got my first bill with no discount, I called them up saying that I have proof of a CSR confirming that I would get a discounted rate. They immediately gave me a credit.

  7. Floobtronics says:

    Just the other day, I made the “we’re going to cancel call” to Verizon. We weren’t under any term agreement, so they couldn’t waive the ETF in front of me.

    Our total bill was $150 for the Triple Play (Freedom Essentials Voice, Extreme HD, 20/5 Internet, 1 multi-stream CableCard, 1 HD Box).

    They rebundled us, gave us a new Triple Play. Now we’ve got the FiOS Digital Voice, stuck with the Extreme HD TV package, got upgraded to 25/25 Internet and kept the same boxes. The bill dropped by $10/mo. Not exactly a massive amount, but not bad, considering the upgrade we got in speed.

  8. MacBenah says:

    This might be interesting if there was a clue what “FIOS” is…

  9. daveinva says:

    I’m thinking of making that call. I love my FIOS service, don’t get me wrong– it’s outstanding, never had a service outage in three years (would get one every three *days* with Comcast during some bad stretches).

    Trouble is, while my phone and perhaps surprisingly, my 30 Mbps internet haven’t gone up in price all that much, my cable has gone through the *roof*. What originally cost me about $180 for everything is now north of $240. That’s just waaaay too rich for me.

    Plus, the GF is clammoring for us to get DirectTV so we can sign up for Sunday Ticket. I really don’t want to switch to satellite, but I want that football, and Red Zone doesn’t cut it.

    Time to make that call, I guess.

  10. milkcake says:

    At least he has verizon. I’m stuck with time warner cable that promises 7Mb, but i only get 0.2Mb in reality.

    • evnmorlo says:

      They obviously need to fix that. They could have you configured for the “lite” tier which is usually 1.5Mb/s (.2 MB/s). They did it to me when I signed up to see if I would notice

  11. dr_drift says:

    Can someone please tell me what fiber optic is like. I’m stuck with the only plan that’s offered at my apartment complex, which is 768kbps DSL, of which I only get 480kbps. Just tell me, describe it to me… Oh, the joy of it. Everything loading instantly… the HD, Oh, the HD! The streaming, the multiple browser windows with multiple things just dancing merrily to the sound of all those megabits pulsing through the lines, those happy little packets. Tell me about the fiber, George.

  12. ARPRINCE says:

    I had FIOS triple play and it was REALLY AWESOME. The internet connection was superb, the HD was great and the DVR BOX had a lot of functionality. Then the BILL goes up higher and higher for what ever BS reason. I dumped it and went back to Cablevision.

  13. Retired Again says:

    Writer of this article is beginner. He/She assumes we all lnow what FiOS is!
    What is FiOS? Consumerist should print answer!

    • tenioman says:

      FIOS is an ISP. Verizon owns/runs it.

      They are known for their all Fiber Optic network which gives some of the best download and upload speeds in the country.

  14. Sarge says:

    For those that asked:

  15. Sarge says:

    For those that asked:

  16. Warren - aka The Piddler on the Roof says:

    You know how much I pay each month for my cable?


    Guess I how I do it!