Panty-Faced McDonald's Burglar Arrested

Remember last week, when we reported on the McDonald’s drive-thru that had been robbed by what appeared to be a female wearing what appeared to be a pair of pantied stretched across her face. Apparently we were only right about one of those assumptions — Yes, in spite of many readers’ doubts, that was a woman in the photos; but it wasn’t a pair of panties; it was a girdle.

While it’s unclear — or perhaps better that we don’t know — how the police identified the masked hamburglar, the woman was arrested at her own, condemned, home. There, in addition to drugs, officers found the now-famous girdle along with the yellow clips she’d used to hold them in place during her heist.

According to police, the woman admitted to stealing the money from the unattended register to feed her gambling habit.

‘Underwear Bandit’ apprehended; woman covered face with girdle to rob McDonald’s restaurant [NY Daily News]

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