Cross Honors Lifetime Warranty, Repairs Priceless Antique Pen

Andy always carries his father’s old 50-year-old Cross pen. It’s the only everyday item he has that belonged to his father, and he was devastated when it broke. He contacted Cross to see about getting the pen repaired, and the company sent it back: the same pen, good as new, in a spiffy little case.

When my father retired he gave me his gold Cross pen. He bought it sometime in the mid 1960’s and I’ve had it since 1984. It lives in my messenger bag and I rarely use it. But it’s always with me. Recently, I needed to write a note and grabbed the pen from my bag. It was broken. The very top part fell off and I found it lying in the bottom of my bag. I was devastated.

I checked the Cross website and noticed that they have a lifetime warranty for all their products. I sent it back to back to Cross and asked that it be repaired rather than replaced since it’s the only tangible item that I have that belonged to my father. Look what came via UPS today.

It’s all better now. They even sent it back in its own case. They could have replaced it with a current model, but that wouldn’t have been the same… to me. Thank you Cross.

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