These are similar to those sold at Target and other online retailers, including Amazon.

Drug Abuse Prevention Advocates Not Cool With Novelty Pens That Look Like Hypodermic Needles

In the midst of a nationwide heroin and opioid drug crisis, some parents, teachers and drug abuse prevention advocates are up in arms over novelty pens that look like hypodermic needles that are selling right now at multiple retailers during the Halloween holiday. [More]


Just What You Needed: Emergency Flatware Pen Caps For The Office

Dine Ink “novelty pen caps” raise several important questions around the office. For example: “why are you writing with a fork?” and “why are you eating with a pen?” There is also always the inevitable “why did you spend perfectly good money on that?” [More]

Cross Honors Lifetime Warranty, Repairs Priceless Antique Pen

Cross Honors Lifetime Warranty, Repairs Priceless Antique Pen

Andy always carries his father’s old 50-year-old Cross pen. It’s the only everyday item he has that belonged to his father, and he was devastated when it broke. He contacted Cross to see about getting the pen repaired, and the company sent it back: the same pen, good as new, in a spiffy little case. [More]

Can Banks Please Stock Working Pens?

How is it that banks can move millions of dollars in a second over a bit of metal wire, but can’t stock working pens at the branch?

New Pens! Cheap!

New Pens! Cheap!

I bought three boxes of my favorite pens on eBay. They arrived. Compare the silkiness and plenitude of the three boxes to the two, gnawed, scratchy pens I’d somehow been scraping by with for like, oh, two months. These babies usually retail for $16.99 per box of 12 but I snagged 36 pens for $19.20 plus $3.95 S&H. My life is five thousand times better right now.