When Is It OK To Use The Handicap Restroom?

There’s a pretty heated debate a-brewin’ on the normally tame pages of Dear Abby’s advice column this week about when — if ever — is it okay for someone without a disability to use the restroom stalls constructed for use by the disabled?

Looks like Abby had previously advised a reader of larger size that it was okay for her to use the handicap stall because she had difficulty getting situated in the smaller stalls. Since then, the longtime advice columnist has gotten plenty of feedback from both sides of the argument.

There are those who claim that, like handicap parking spots at stores and offices, these stalls are reserved for those who need them most.

Then the opposite side of the argument goes that these stalls are for everyone’s use and that they exist to accommodate those who need them.

Surely our readers have just as many varied and well-reasoned opinions as the old biddies (like me) who read Dear Abby?

Dear Abby: Are restrooms for disabled for use only by the disabled?