10 Commandments Of Using Coupons

The world of shoppers is divided into two, sometimes rival, camps: those who coupon and those who don’t. If you are going to coupon, you have to make sure that you do it right and respect your fellow shoppers, otherwise they will hoist you (in their minds) from the nearest shopping cart return sign. So then, NJ.com proposes 10 commandments for couponers to follow so that we can all live together in harmony, couponer and non alike.

1. Don’t take peelies off a product on the shelf you’re not buying
2. Don’t raid multiple coupons from the coupon dispenser
3. Don’t steal your neighbor’s newspaper for coupons
4. Don’t knowingly use an expired coupon
5. Don’t knowingly use fake coupons
6. Obey the rules of the coupon. If you need to buy 3 to get the deal, don’t try hustle the checkout clerk into letting you get away with only buying 2.
7. Have your coupons ready
8. Don’t harangue the cashier
9. Point out the “free” coupons in advance to the cashier
10. Running 15 items through the 10 or less lane, AND using 15 tricky coupons shall be punishable by death.

The 10 worst coupon sins committed [NJN]

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