Something New To Worry About: Getting Impaled By Rogue Beach Umbrella

We’re all about safety, so we feel obligated to let you know that at any time you could be impaled by a flying beach umbrella. Cover your body with Kevlar at all times. That’s what one Ocean City, Maryland beach-goer should have done if she was really serious about safety. Her reckless lack of body armor resulted in a beach umbrella sticking out of her leg.

Authorities told WBOC that the woman was in good spirits and expected to be okay after an umbrella was picked up out of the ground and blown into her leg by strong winds. EMTs had to saw off part of the umbrella in order to take her to the hospital.

We dug up some information about the best sunscreens from CR Health so you can avoid these menacing umbrellas. We wish this lady the best.

Woman stabbed by ‘flying umbrella’ [ABC2 via Fark]

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