Consumerist Makes TIME's 25 Best Blogs of 2010

The results are in and Consumerist is gracing TIME’s 25 best blogs of 2010. I guess they’re using using a fiscal calendar year? In any event, we enjoy giving and receiving awards. In their writeup, TIME said of us:

“When Subway decided to tessellate the triangles of cheese on sandwiches (ensuring maximum coverage and eliminating this long-time sandwich-lover’s complaint) Consumerist was one of the first sites to pick up the story. It’s a fun, fresh mix of buyer-orientated content that just works. Unlike, say, AT&T, a frequent target of scorn.”

We would just like to point out that that Subway cheese tessellation story was three years in the making, and the recent scoop on the implementation of the the new cheese policy was first spotted by gimlet-eyed reader David. Our readers are the source of our strength!

Best Blogs of 2010 [TIME]

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