Convicts Don't Like People Who Try To Sell Babies At Walmart

It looks like the man who attempted to sell his baby daughter outside a California Walmart for $25 last week hasn’t exactly found a forgiving audience behind bars.

The 38-year-old, who was arrested along with the infant’s mother on Thursday, was attacked by some fellow inmates at the Monterey County Jail. He was left with a bruised and battered face along with some cracked ribs.

To avoid future confrontations, the father of the year is now being held in a cell separate from the rest of the population.

The baby’s mom — an equally charming individual — is also being held in a segregated cell. However, prison officials claim this placement is due to lack of space in the general population cells.

At least they know they’re being treated just like Bernie Madoff.

Dad in Baby-For-Sale Case Jumped in Jail [NBC Bay Area]

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