Madoff Gets S*** Kicked Out Of Him In Prison

A fellow inmate at Butner federal prison brutually fulfilled the fantasy of millions by brutally beating the piss out of ponzi schemer Bernie Madoff, reports WSJ.

Madoff suffered facial fractures, lacerations, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. The prisoner who beat him up was a “beefy” fellow who had a beef with “a Madoff-contracted debt he believed he was owed,” reports Yahoo!.

The December incident wasn’t the first time Madoff found himself engaged in a prison brawl. He allegedly emerged the victor after an argument with another inmate over the “state of the market” ended in fisticuffs last October. Additionally, the New York Post reported last year that various prison gangs, including the Butner facility’s “homosexual posse,” had been aggressively trying to recruit Madoff into their crews, regarding his notoriety in the outside world as a badge of honor.

The incident happened in December but was only confirmed today, because the prison and Bernie Madoff are liars.

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Madoff Beaten in Prison [WSJ] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!)

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