San Jose Area: Catch Ben On KGO Newstalk Radio 810 AM At 6:25 Tonight

If you live in the San Jose, CA, Silicon Valley area, you can catch me live on the Michael Finney show on KGO Newstalk Radio, 810 AM, at 6:25 PT tonight. l’ll be talking about some of the crazy ideas and cool stories you shared in response to our “What Sickest Thing You’ve Ever Done To Save Money?” post. Fun!


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  1. Alvis says:


  2. coffeeculture says:

    Michael Finney is awesome, one of the best consumer watchdogs out there. I grew up watching his segments on KGO-TV and his “Finney’s Friday Freestuff” segment was the best!

  3. rahntwo says:

    Maybe you could even discuss sme of your great typing and editing skills! : )

  4. dreamfish says:

    Select the 6pm-7pm link. Hurry though, as it’ll be gone in a week!

    BTW Ben actually makes his appearance at around 43 minutes in.

  5. radicalreeves says:

    Excellent! in my ‘hood! Gonna go grab a burger of shame now.