Do Not Try To Sell Your Baby For $25 In Front Of Walmart

Aspiring entrepreneurs, keep in mind: Walmart doesn’t want you selling anything in front of their stores. And they really, really don’t want you to sell your own children out front at cut-rate prices. Police in Salinas, Calif. say a couple were trying to do just that: sell their 6-month-old infant to a stranger for less than the price of a case of diapers.

According to a police spokesperson:

[The couple] were arrested early Wednesday, hours after [the father] approached two women outside Walmart and asked if they’d like to purchase his child.

Villegas says the women had thought [the father] was joking but when he became persistent, they became suspicious. The women reported it to police.

Police: Calif couple tried to sell baby at Walmart [AP] (Thanks, mythago!)

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