Shuttered Tylenol Plant Had Troubling Pattern of Problems

Should Tylenol have been recalled sooner? FDA inspection reports going back to 2003 paint a queasy picture.

CNNMoney checked out FDA inspection reports of the closed-down Fort Washington, PA plant at the epicenter of the recent Tylenol and other OTC drug recalls.

The found a pattern of safety concerns that only seem to grow of over the years, including ignoring written and oral complaints about their products and not establishing scientifically sound quality control procedures, both of which are pretty huge violation, according to a drug industry expert:

“It seems that from 2006 and 2009, quality and safety issues worsened at the plant,” said one expert who did not want to be named. “It looks like there was a change in the quality assurance management at this facility during that time. Something as little as that can have a big impact on the entire operation.”

Tylenol plant: From bad to worse [CNN Money]

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