More Freaky Fried Foods From San Diego

Your eyes do not deceive you. Wade shot this photo at the San Diego County Fair, proving that deep fried butter and chocolate covered bacon are out there somewhere, just waiting to invade your arteries in a combo that can be yours for a down payment of $9.20 followed by countless dollars in future hospital bills.

The fried chicken sandwich, avocados and Pop Tarts from yesterday’s post about San Diego’s Del Mar Fair are no longer as impressive. The San Diego County Fair is king of all fried disgustingness, because the only way to take things beyond the Thunderdome of fried butter is fried greaseballs. And no one wants to see that.


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  1. chenry says:

    there is no God.

    • tungstencoil says:

      I very strongly disagree.

      • Draygonia says:

        I very strongly disagree with your serious disagreement!

        He probably means that as in those foods would not be allowed on a religious god’s earth XD

      • chenry says:

        I strongly believe that no loving god would allow the creation of deep fried butter.

    • morehalcyondays says:

      Bacon happen by mere chance? I think not. Bacon, like beer, is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

  2. Smashville says:

    They also have elephant rides.

    Or did when I went.

  3. iggy21 says:

    I think it’s horrible that you post these. I’ve ruined my keyboard to drool…again.

  4. Jabberkaty says:

    It’s wrong that this makes me hungry.

  5. Fantoche_de_Chaussette says:

    A rare example of truth in advertising.

    The usual practice for such products would be to tout them as “Zero trans-fats!” and “Low-carb!”

    • darklighter says:

      Yeah, but that’s not how fair food works. If it’s not barbecued, deep fried, or on a stick, it’s not fair food.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        i now want barbecued deep fried butter wrapped chocolate bacon on a stick

  6. cash_da_pibble says:

    One bored Saturday night, we experimented with a deep fryer and a variety of foods we picked up from the local supermarket and the nearby Fast Food joint.

    Deep Fried Jumbo Jacks are A-MAY-ZING.
    Deep-fried Twinkies, not so much.

    • Excuse My Ambition Deficit Disorder says:

      Jumbo Jacks?

      • PerpetualStudent says:

        One of Jack in the Box’s big burgers. Its the equivalent of BK’s Whopper, CJ’s Famous Star, or McD’s Big Mac.

      • trujunglist says:

        Jack in the Box burger which is basically a standard burger: lettuce, tomato, onion, mayo, burger, cheese if you want it.

  7. Chairman-Meow says:

    If it were me, I would fry all of these the classic way:

    In beef tallow.

    Of course, with the fried butter, I would serve a glass of the beef tallow just to complement the meal.

  8. DriverB says:

    Wouldn’t fried butter just turn into. . .fried coating?

    • GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

      It’s like fried ice cream. You get the food down to like -40 and it can withstand the heat longer than stuff cooled to normal freezing.

      You have to remember that it’s -40F not -40C.

      • TheGreySpectre says:

        I can’t tell if you are joking or not with the temperature.

        -40F = -40C

        sarcasm meter busted today

        • Moweropolis says:

          What elemental plane or parallel universe do you live in where -40F = -40C?

          • btrthnnothing says:

            Hahah, our universe? The conversion for C to F results in -40C and -40F being the same.

            -40C = (5/9) * (-40F-32) = -40F

          • Back to waiting, but I did get a cute dragon ear cuff says:

            That would be the one that we are all currently in. -40 is the point that Celsius and Fahrenheit cross. Using the conversion formula I was taught years ago works it out.

            c = (5/9)*(f-32)

      • DriverB says:

        Ah yes, now I get it. I do love me some fried ice cream, which somehow makes sense because ice cream is already frozen. But freezing the butter – not sure if it’s sick or brilliant, but it’s definitely creative!

        • btrthnnothing says:

          I store butter frozen all the time (not for the purpose of deep frying though, LOL) It lasts longer in the freezer, like, 3-6 months instead of 1 month. It works fine since I don’t use butter for spreading

      • NickRayko says:

        -40 F = -40 C.

    • chefguru says:

      Actually, I watched a TV show where they talked about fried butter…

      Basically, they take a single pat of butter, and wrap in dough, and fry that. So basically, it’s a small fried dough ball that is really juicy inside. It’s not even really enough to lean out of the dough once it’s fried.

      • catastrophegirl chooses not to fly says:

        which, at least at our local state fair two years ago, also was available in garlic, grape or cherry flavors. grape butter. … gah!

  9. Azagthoth says:

    These guys have been selling bacon chocolate bars for at least two years now, because that is when I first ordered them. The milk chocolate is delicious, the dark… not so much.

  10. YouDidWhatNow? says:

    Nothing new here. This stuff has been at the MN state fair for at least a few years…

  11. GuyGuidoEyesSteveDaveâ„¢ says:

    My Bacon Cheesecake Brownies prove that bacon and chocolate go well together. Anyone who can’t see it, is closed minded, and needs some help.

    • womynist says:

      Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches are also to die for. I discovered them in college. Sounds gross, but I assure you they’re AWESOME!

      • HogwartsProfessor says:

        Imma try that. I usually have bacon sandwiches with nothing on, or perhaps some cheese. It sounds good.

  12. iamlost26 says:

    I (heart) Del Mar Fair

  13. veronykah says:

    Although I love butter, the idea of deep fried sticks of butter makes me want to vomit. Really.

    • chefguru says:

      They don’t fry STICKS of butter… fried butter is individual pats of butter, wrapped in dough, and deep fried. It basically turns out almost like a bite-sized, pre-buttered biscuit.

      • veronykah says:

        Guess I just looked at the drawing in the photo and thought of sticks of butter…your description sounds a lot better.

  14. KPS2010 says:

    I could go for a few orders of double deep fried funnel cake with a 42 oz of mtn Dew right now

  15. Zowzers says:

    San Diego County fair? BAH HUMBUG! it will always be known to me by its proper name, The DEL MAR FAIR.

    Chocolate covered bacon is delicious, though the stuff you get at the fair uses the ultra thin slices of bacon.

    • NumberSix says:

      Indeed. It is the Del Mar fair to me as well. Also, Qualcomm Stadium is still “The Murph” to me.

  16. Cruise says:

    I went to the DEL MAR Fair last week.

    Deep Fried Butter….was not what I expected. I did not order it, one of my friends did and she actually enjoyed it. I had a piece or two and it was more like a funnel cake than anything.

    I felt like my arteries were clogging up after every bite though.

    I also purchased the chocolate covered bacon. It was alright, wasn’t that bad either.. I won’t be getting it again though.

  17. Bob Lu says:

    You guys need to go Minnesota State Fair.

  18. chucklebuck says:

    Let me be the first to say . . . stay classy, San Diego! I could not love this series of findings more.

  19. NumberSix says:

    Oh the chick on this board is my favorite! She could just as easily be doing nurse fetish porn.

    Or is it just me?

  20. GuidedByLemons says:

    There’s a hot dog place in Austin that serves chocolate covered bacon for dessert, and it’s amazing.

    They also do a killer bloody mary that features a slice of bacon among the garnishes.

  21. DanGarion says:
  22. zimmi88 says:

    “…the only way to take things beyond the Thunderdome of fried butter is fried greaseballs. And no one wants to see that.”

    I think that assertion places too much faith in humanity. =/

  23. biggeek says:

    I really want to slap the shit out of whoever made that sign.

  24. Quantumpanda says:

    I’m still waiting for someone to make what I consider would be the ultimate heart-attack food: a stick of butter, wrapped in bacon, beer-battered and deep-fried, on a stick. With a side of alfredo sauce for dipping.

  25. Suisei says:

    I can’t decide whether that woman in the picture looks like Brittany Spears or Amber Benson. Maybe a combiatio of the two.

  26. fuceefacee says:

    Hmmm…chocolate covered bacon! After all bacon is meat candy.