Want A Good, Cheap Chardonnay This Summer? Try 7-Eleven

No, seriously. According to taste tests performed by wine experts at Consumer Reports, Yosemite Road chardonnay–which is sold by 7-Eleven for around $5 a bottle–is among the top four “very good” recommendations by the magazine in its July issue.

The Examiner wrote about the convenience store’s private label wine back in November, and said, “The Chardonnay is described as fresh and zesty with peach and honey notes.” The Wine Curmudgeon, however, says it tastes like it costs $4, lacking the green apple and pear flavors that a chardonnay is supposed to have.

Have you tried it? If so, would you recommend it?

“Chardonnays for less than $10” [Consumer Reports via Huffington Post] (Thanks to Meghan!)

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