Guilt-Stricken Taco Bell Robber Returns Stolen Money

It’s not often that a story about a Taco Bell heist ends happily, but a would-be thief in Indiana was apparently so stricken with guilt (or afraid of getting caught) that he returned the cash he’d ripped off only days earlier.

The money hadn’t come from the restaurant’s cash register or safe, but instead from a jar on the counter asking for donations to help pay for a headstone for the manager’s son, who had recently died.

The jar had contained around $100 when it was stolen over the weekend. The theft was caught on surveillance cameras and police say that other employees at the Bell had ID’d the suspect as a former high school classmate.

Now that the money has been returned, no arrest has been made and the manager to whom the jar belonged has asked to not press charges.

Police: Suspect returns stolen donations for headstone []

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