How Long Should I Wait For Time Warner Cable To Hook Up My Internet?

Isaac signed up for Time Warner Cable internet at the beginning of the month. And he waited. And waited. And the company pushed his start date back again and again and now tells him he’ll have to wait nearly two weeks from when he signed up for a tech to visit him.

He writes:

How long should it take Time Warner Cable to set up Internet? I moved into my apartment on June 1st, signing up for Road Runner High Speed Internet the same day. I was told I would hear from them shortly regarding my installation appointment. Come Monday June 7th, I still hadn’t heard from them. I called customer service and they told me my information had not yet been entered into their system!

They then told me the soonest they would be able to set up my Internet was Sunday June 13th! Keep in mind that I am a college student taking summer classes and I need an Internet connection to keep up with my schoolwork. (The library is only open so late) Let it also be said that between myself and my two roommates we are able to have someone available at our apartment 24/7, so it is not a matter of our availability. My question to you is: Is nearly two weeks an acceptable amount of time to go without Internet?

How long should Isaac wait before going a different way? And what’s the longest you’ve ever waited on a service provider to get you started?

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