Pentagon Spent Over $773,000 To Open A KFC/Taco Bell In Guantanamo Bay

While the U.S. government is getting rid of fast food options for soldiers in Afghanistan, meanwhile they spent quite a bit of cash to make sure troops stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, could pick up a Double Down or a Chalupa without having to have a care package sent from home.

According to a report in the Washington Post, among the $500 million spent on upgrades to Gitmo since 9/11 was $773,000 spent to renovate a building for the purpose of opening a combination KFC/Taco Bell on the base.

Additionally, $683,000 was spent sprucing up a cafe where troops could buy ice cream and Starbucks coffee.

Both of these are more than double the cost for either the unused go-kart track ($296K) or the abandoned volleyball court ($249K), but nowhere near as much as the $3.5 million that was spent on the 27 barely used playgrounds… for all 398 base residents under the age of 18.

Explained the base’s chief:

Because GTMO is an isolated and remote duty location with no access to an off-base community, all services must be provided on station… The installation benefits from expenditure of funds through retention and readiness improvements, as well as long-term facility sustainment, restoration and modernization.

Is this spending justified so that the troops can have the amenities they deserve? Or is this an example of lack of oversight in government spending?

At least $500 million has been spent since 9/11 on renovating Guantanamo Bay [Washington Post]

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