No More Burger King Or Dairy Queen For Soldiers In Afghanistan

Because the last thing a soldier stationed thousands of miles away fighting the Taliban should want is a taste of home, the U.S. military is axing several fast food vendors from their bases in Afghanistan.

“This is a war zone — not an amusement park,” Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Hall has said about the military’s decision. “Supplying nonessential luxuries to big bases like Bagram and Kandahar makes it harder to get essential items to combat outposts and forward operating bases, where troops who are in the fight each day need resupply with ammunition, food and water.”

Among the vendors on the chopping block are Burger King, Pizza Hut, T.G.I. Friday’s, Orange Julius and Dairy Queen. The military is also cutting back on other luxuries like first-run movies.

According to Reuters, donut chain Tim Horton’s will remain.

No fries with that: fast food axed at Afghan bases [Reuters]

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