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New Balance A Few Steps From Its Dream Of U.S.-Made Footwear Requirement For Military

It’s been a long time coming, but New Balance’s marathon efforts to get the Pentagon to require military members to buy only shoes made in America may finally be paying off. [More]

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Government Asking People To “Hack The Pentagon” To Find Security Flaws

The Pentagon is joining a long list of companies and organizations in opening the door to hackers by asking for the public’s help in testing the cybersecurity infrastructure of some of its websites.  [More]


American Shoemaker New Balance Really Wants Military To Only Buy American-Made Shoes

New Balance is on a mission to convince the military that it has to buy shoes made in America. And hey, coincidentally enough, New Balance actually makes shoes in America! Funny how that works out, complete with the potential for a tidy $50 million contract. Or not so coincidental if you’re a shoe company with your eye on a sizable chunk of the pie. [More]


Pentagon Isn’t Getting FOIA Requests Because It Can’t Bother To Fix Fax Machine

While some folks seek to streamline the oft-complicated process of filing a Freedom Of Information Act request with the government, the Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon is turning its back on some of those requests because it can’t be bothered to get its stupid fax machine fixed. [More]

Pentagon Spent Over $773,000 To Open A KFC/Taco Bell In Guantanamo Bay

Pentagon Spent Over $773,000 To Open A KFC/Taco Bell In Guantanamo Bay

While the U.S. government is getting rid of fast food options for soldiers in Afghanistan, meanwhile they spent quite a bit of cash to make sure troops stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, could pick up a Double Down or a Chalupa without having to have a care package sent from home. [More]

Pentagon Looking To Invent "Kill Switch" For Airplanes

Pentagon Looking To Invent "Kill Switch" For Airplanes

It has been nearly 7 years since 9/11 and the government is still pulling ideas out of its ass to help keep us safe. Wired reports that in a request for proposals issued this week, the Pentagon announced that they are looking for ways to “safely divert an aircraft in the air or stop and/or disable an aircraft on the ground,” i.e., a kill switch. More, inside…