I Live In A Place Can You Hear Me Now Guy Fears To Tread

Craig most definitely can’t hear you now because he’s stuck in a Verizon dead zone. The cell phone provider offered to sell him a coverage extender for $200, but he felt like he was being shaken down and is choosing to bail. He writes:

So 4 years ago I bought a new home, I had verizon as my wireless carrier. I could not though get a signal without walking out my front door. Verizon said they would be putting up a tower soon to fix the problem in my area. The problem never got better so we switched our phones to AT&T and had full bars in our house.

4 years later we decide to give Verizon another chance as they said they had put up a new tower and the service was better. We spent 600 in new phones and 150 a month on a new plan. We still have no service in our house. They inform us that they did a check in our area and the service is marginal and that they have a coverage extender for $200.

I am able to cancel my contract within 30 (days) and return my phones I inform them If I have to pay another 200 just to get my phones to work in the house i might as well go back to AT&T they are unwilling to budge, I like my phones but over 2 years plus the phones they will lose over $4,000 from us, just because they are not willing to budge on the price of the network extender.

If you’ve lived in a cell phone dead zone, how did you handle the situation?

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