Be Safe When You Barbecue Today

The State of New York would rather you not burn it down today if you strike up the grill today, and although it probably doesn’t care whether or not non-residents torch their own states — after all, it’s all just flyover territory to them — feel free to use its tips from the New York Department of Health wherever you might reside.

A sampling of the safety suggestions:

While You Are Serving Food…

Serve the first-cooked meats first. Make sure the food is used before the temperature drops under 140 degrees, and within two hours. Cold foods need to be kept cold. Keep them refrigerated (at 40o F) or stored in coolers with lots of ice until ready to eat.

Before serving, wash your hands thoroughly. Avoid touching food such as rolls, bread etc. with your bare hands. Wash your hands after touching raw or undercooked foods.

Use a utensil when serving food.

Refrigerate any leftovers immediately! Never leave food at room temperature for more than two hours.

Whenever Working With Food…

Leave the food preparation area to smoke, eat, or drink.

When you return, wash your hands thoroughly before handling any food.

Wash your hands after any contact with unclean surfaces — after handling trash or raw meat, eating or smoking, using the bathroom, handling pets, or dirtying your hands during any activity.

If you’ve got an awesome grill recipe you’re dying to foist upon everyone, now’s your chance to do so in the comments.

Barbecue Food Safety Tips [New York Department of Health]

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