Comcast Understands That My Ex Was A Jerk, Lets Me Start Fresh

Lindsay was stuck with an overdue cable bill because her flighty live-in ex bailed on her, but found sympathy in the least likely of places — Comcast customer service. She explained her situation and got the company to give her a mulligan.

She writes:

I wanted to write to you regarding a positive customer service experience I had at one of Comcast’s many Boston locations with an employee named Chris. Due to my scumbag ex-boyfriend moving out of our apartment a few weeks ago, I was left with a cable bill that was 2 months overdue in his name, so I went to pay it rather than wait for him to do the right thing. I arrived, expecting to deal with a slow and unhelpful sales associate trying to upsell more of their services that I did not want (we are on basic cable, with basic internet service).

Chris surprised me! She sympathized with my situation. She told me that because my ex was no longer living there, she could make a brand new non-contracted account in my name which would save me $25 per month on their introductory plan. My ex-boyfriend had previously received the introductory rate for 6 months but had been on the normal rate for 3 months after. She could have just left it the way it was, but she wanted to save me money. Who would have thought – the worst company in America trying to save me money! I was really surprised and told her so. She responded with “I just have this job for a paycheck. We’re not all that bad.”

I would still never willingly have Comcast over another internet provider, but this shows that their minions are not all as evil as the corporate giant. Their training can not suppress all the humanity out of their employees!

The takeaway: Next time you fall behind on your bills, break up with your significant other, blame them for the financial failure and tear up one past due notice after another.

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