Burgerville To Print Custom Calorie Info On Receipts

If you’d like to stare, horrified at the fact that you have just ordered a lunch of 1,213 calories, Burgerville is your new favorite burger joint.

The chain, located in Washington and Oregon, has set up the registers to print a customized calorie count of your order on our receipt– and will even suggest ways you could have ordered fewer calories. (For example: “If you are trying to eat healthier, try ‘holding the chipotle mayo’ on your sandwich and save 180 calories and 18g of fat.”)

From their press release:

“We want our guests to know exactly what they are getting when they order from us,” said Jeff Harvey, Burgerville president and CEO. “That way guests can take control of their food choices and make sure that they feel satisfied and empowered when they eat at Burgerville. The Nutricate program offers a very clear view into how each meal fits into our overall eating habits.”

The WSJ notes that according to the chain’s menu, their hypothetical order: a pepper bacon cheeseburger (including the mayo), regular fries and regular Coke set them back 1,213 calories. Yum.

Here’s Your Burger and Your Change, and By the Way, That’s 1,213 Calories [WSJ Health Blog]

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