New Jersey Says Your "BIOCH" License Plate Is Not Allowed

Is “bioch” a bad word? New Jersey thinks so. They’re trying to take away one resident’s fabulous bioch vanity plates because they are “objectionable.” She’s upset because people like the plates and think they are funny.

“They say, we knew you were here, we saw your car,” said the plate owner. “People know me by the plates.”

It’s not offensive,” she said. “It’s not even a real word.”


“The commission, in processing your request, erred and assigned a combination which is considered objectionable,” wrote Dodie Burrell, a supervisor in the Special Plate Unit, in a May 5 letter to Romano. “The commission has no alternative but to immediately recall the license plate ‘bioch.’”

Now she has no choice but to turn in the plates or New Jersey will not renew her registration.

Manville woman must forfeit her ‘Bioch’ license plates after complaint of profanity [NJ]

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