Man Gives $150,000 To Psychic, Then Suspects Fraud

A man in Portland, Oregon says he’s now bankrupt after giving cash, a Hummer, and lots of trust to a local psychic. In all, he says his payments totaled $150k and now he’s bankrupt, and that he wants to warn others not to fall for such things. So just to be clear: don’t give $150,000 in cash and autos to a psychic in exchange for removal-of-demon services. And if you want to buy a tabernacle from the Vatican, deal with the church yourself and don’t go through the local psychic.

Here’s what the guy says tipped him off:

Stevens allegedly tried to recruit others to pay her the same way. There were times she did this in front of Druella, making him realize her pitch could prey on those desperately seeking guidance.

“So I just thought … ‘Wait a minute. This is not legitimate. This is the same song and dance she used with me and I thought it was for my particular situation.'”

To be fair to the psychic, the police released her “for lack of evidence,” so it’s entirely possible there’s more to this story than what he’s telling the press. Like maybe he just didn’t like the tabernacle she bought him.

“Psychic under investigation in Southeast Portland” [Katu] (Thanks to Ashley!)

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