Earn $200/hr Teaching Angry Man To Use Apple Products

I guess Apple products aren’t idiot-proof after all. We have found your idiot nonpareil. There is a man in San Fran who needs help using Apple products. He is wiling to pay $200 an hour. This is his NSFW Craigsist ad/rant about how he is too busy to figure out how to get his credit card number from auto-populating when his kids buy stuff on iTunes, but has enough time for you to come over to his house and teach him how to use his devices.


“…those f******* uptight “geniuses” at the f**** “genius bar” are too busy getting high to actually be of any f****** use, so I am looking for some loser stone who can like you know make my f****** devices synch so that I don’t have to keep paying ninety nine f****** cents every time my kid downloads the f***** Pajanimals song onto a different f******* iphone or whatever these tablet f****** computers are called.”

See, Steve? DRM makes people put on their crazypants.

Hey, if I go over there and tell him how to change his iTunes account password, which will solve all his problems, do I still get $200?

I’d probably respond to this ad [Ex-Genius]

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