VIDEO: VISA Is A Monster That Feeds On Human Wealth, And VISA Is Hungry

“Go. Get it. Run. Use your VISA card right now. It doesn’t matter what you use your VISA card to buy. It doesn’t matter what you use your VISA to buy. All that matters is that VISA is a monster that feeds on human wealth. And VISA is hungry.” The credit card companies’ rapacious desire for your debt is laid bare in this commercial parody video. I guess you would call what we’re going through now the purging stage? NSFW due to naughty words and suggestive simulating gestures.

If you have problems with debt, you can learn how to save money on your credit card bills by using a “clean” credit card, get inspired by this mother who paid of $50,000 in debt, and, if you’re really in trouble, consider freezing your credit card in ice.

VISA is Hungry! [UCBcomedy]

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