Top 12 Most Annoying Things About Air Travel

Our cousins by marriage over at Consumer Reports recently published the results of a survey where air travelers were asked to rate, on a scale of 1-10, those aspects of air travel that most get under their skin.

Not surprisingly, the two top spots on CR’s list — luggage charges and added fees — involve customers having to pay extra money.

Three items on the list involve other passengers, while only two deal with airline customer service or lack thereof.

Without further ado, here’s the list of the Dirty Dozen (numbers in parentheses indicate that particular gripe’s average rating on the 1-10 scale):
1. Luggage charges (8.4)
2. Added fees (8.1)
3. Rude or unhelpful staff (7.7)
4. Can’t reach a live service rep (7.6)
5. Poor communication about delays (7.1)
6. Seatmates who hog your space (7.0)
7. Flight delays (6.8)
8. People who hog carry-on space (6.7)
9. Long waits at baggage claim (5.9)
10. Long lines for security or check-in (5.2)
11. Puny/no snacks (5.1)
12. Crying babies, unruly kids (4.9)

What annoys travelers most [Consumer Reports]

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