Laser In On Your "Region President" To Get Verizon Wireless Executive Customer Service


A Verizon Wireless insider tells us that the best way to get white glove customer service treatment is to target the president for your Verizon region. Here’s how:

1. Try to resolve your customer service issue with a call center supervisor or a store manager

2. Fail

3. Go to

4. Locate your “Area” (Northeast, Midwest, South, or West)

5. Click on the presidents until you find the one in charge of your state/region

6. At the bottom there is a contact form for the administrator to that president.

7. Fill out your complaint form, noting how you attempted to resolve the issue with a call center supervisor or store manager. If you don’t, you will probably get a canned response telling you to call regular customer service.

8. Await your call back!

And if that doesn’t work, you can always try these contact infos.

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