Cable Providers Rushing To Broadcast Tiger's Return To Golf In 3D

It would be so easy to make jokes about Tiger Woods’ club and balls being seen in 3D. But it’s not gonna happen. Regardless, in spite of the fact that about 4.2 people have purchased 3D TVs — and that golf is probably the least interesting sport to televise, let alone in 3D, cable companies are lining up to broadcast the Masters golf tournament in its three-dimensional glory.

Comcast and Cox had already announced that they would be teaming up with ESPN to air the Masters in 3D. Now Time Warner Cable and Cablevision are saying “me too” and adding their names to the list.

For our one Canadian reader who might have a 3D TV, Shaw Communications will be feeding your life-long desire to see golf comin’ at ya!

If you haven’t yet rushed out to buy a 3D TV (because you were too busy feeding your family or paying your mortgage), you can head to any of the five Sony stores that will be hosting live 3D coverage of The Masters.

Or you could just watch it in 2D and fall asleep on your couch like the rest of us.

The Masters Adds Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Shaw To 3D Roster []

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