Perhaps You Would Like A Delicious Ham For Your Passover Seder

If you’re worried that grocery store loyalty and discount cards let retailers amass a detailed profile of you and use your buying habits for marketing purposes….don’t worry. Safeway, at least, doesn’t actually seem to be paying attention. That’s the conclusion you can draw from the coupon that Steve says printed out during his shopping trip for his Passover seder.

He writes:

Yesterday, I was on my way home for our Passover Seder and I needed to pick up a few last minute things at Safeway. As you may or may not be aware, you swipe a Safeway “club card” to get the discounted prices on many items. This also produces what I assumed to be targeted ads and coupons that you get with your receipt at checkout (that I usually just throw out). Yesterday, I picked up some Manishewitz matzo ball soup mix, and I’ve purchased a number of kosher products from Safeway before. Now I know next week is Easter, but I have never purchased ham at Safeway, but look what I got!


Oh, that’s nothing. The dominant grocery chain where I live, Price Chopper, recently started pushing diaper and baby food coupons on everyone I know, whether they have children or not.

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