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Happy New Year, Comcast Customers: Your ‘Broadcast TV’ & ‘Regional Sports’ Fees Are Going Up 50%

The new year brings new things, and at this point it’s all but traditional for cable and satellite companies to announce customers will face higher charges in January than in the December before. But Comcast isn’t just increasing its bundle rates a few percentage points in 2017; it’s going to significantly increase how much all of its pay-TV customers pay for a pair of highly controversial fees. [More]


Comcast Expands Data Caps To Another 23 Markets Starting Nov. 1

We’ve all been guessing it was going to happen for months, but that doesn’t make it any more fun when it actually does: data caps are marching across the nation, and coming for millions of Comcast customers from coast to coast. [More]

The Stupid Spirit Airlines M.I.L.F. Sale Is Back

The Stupid Spirit Airlines M.I.L.F. Sale Is Back

The first time around the promotion featured an illustration of islands cleverly arranged in the shape of a buxom female figure, and a spokesperson who, aw shucks, had no idea (none! really! honest!) what M.I.L.F. stood for. Spirit even went so far as to claim that there is no way they could have known what M.I.L.F. meant because the executive who approved the promotion is “British.”