Oh My God Is The Oil Spill Going To Mess Up The Oysters?

The fish and shrimp might escape the oil, but what will happen to the oysters? Marketplace talks to Sal Sunseri, the owner of P&J Oysters in New Orleans, a company that’s been around since 1876 and is the number one oyster supplier to New Orleans restaurants. The question: What’s going to happen to the oysters if the spill gets worse?

Vigeland: Can you talk us through, geographically, where are the oyster beds in relation to where this oil slick is headed?

Sunseri: Approximately 50 miles away. So we still prayfully have a lot of work to be done by the oil companies. Hopefully they’ll take our offers because shrimpers, oyster farmers and other boats are offering their services to help with the spill, help skim, whatever it takes to not allow this to enter our estuaries.

Vigeland: What happens to you if it does?

Sunseri: We’ll be devastated. No telling how long it would take for this type of spill to be cleansed again.

Oh noooooo! Mr. Suseri concluded the interview by asking the listeners to pray for the oyster farmers and shrimpers of the gulf coast. God save the delicious oysters!

We wish we had a boat and could help. Hang in there, oyster farmers.

The oil spill’s impact on oyster industry [Marketplace]

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