Science: Is The KFC Double Down The Worstest Food Ever?

Speaking of the health value of KFC Double Downs (KDD), some smart fellow has created two charts which compare the nutritional content of the KDD to roughly two dozen other fast food items. Assigning the KFC Original Recipe Double Down (KODD) a base score of “1.0,” the charts show how many KODDs are contained within other sandwiches as a portion of the USDA daily allowance, based on how much fat, sodium, and cholesterol are inside them. The chart may not sway your opinion of the zesty saltlick “sandwich” that is taking America by storm, but its colors may remind you of fries, pickles, and ketchup. Mmmmm, is it second lunch time yet?

FiveThirtyEight writes:

So, is the Double Down the most gluttonous fast food sandwich ever created? It depends on how you measure it. At the margins, consuming one Double Down almost certainly isn’t as bad for you as a Triple Baconator, a Thickburger, or even a fully-loaded Chipotle burrito. But while those products should, in theory, fill you up for at least half the day, the Double Down might leave you hankering for seconds. It’s a high bar to clear, but it’s the closest thing to pure junk food of any “sandwich” being marketed today.

Double Down by the Numbers: Unhealthiest Sandwich Ever? [FiveThirtyEight]

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