Couple Arrested For Replacing Jell-O Mix With Sand, Returning It

In what may be the lamest reenactment of an Indiana Jones scene ever, a Long Island couple has been arrested and charged with multiple counts of petit larceny and tampering with a consumer product. Police say they are suspected of buying boxes of Jell-O pudding mix and replacing the mix with “aquarium sand” before returning the boxes.

From WABC:

Last week, detectives said someone was taking boxes of powdered Jell-O pudding mix and replacing the contents with what investigators say is aquarium sand.

They then returned the packages to get a refund.

The tampered boxes turned up in four stores in Suffolk and Nassau counties.

Investigators say surveillance video led them to the couple.

Police arrest couple in Jell-O tampering [WABC] (Thanks, madanthony!)

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