Best Buy PS3 Bundle Comes With Overpriced HDMI Cable?

Reader Chris sends in a link to a (backordered) bundle Best Buy is offering. It contains a 120 GB PS3, a wireless controller, and a “Rocketfishâ„¢ – 8′ HDMI Digital Audio/Video Cable for PlayStation 3”. For all of this, you pay only $394.97. Trouble is, the controller and PS3 usually go for $300. See update.

Chris says:

So far as I can tell– that’s an additional $94.97 for a “starter bundle” that includes a ps3 (valued at $299) and a hdmi cable…which I guess is valued at $95

This may be a mistake, but knowing best buy it isn’t. I’m sure geeksquad recommends it. This is a new low for best buy.

We defer to the Mass Effect 2 shopkeeper for advice on this one.

UPDATE: Commenters point out that the bundle comes with an extra controller, and the confusion is that there is only one pictured. The extra controller costs $54.99. This makes the HDMI cable $40ish. Worth it? This bundle is advertised as saving you $30.

3-29-2010 4-43-49 PM.jpg

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