Man Robs McDonald's Drive-Thru With Beer Bottle

As the world grows more and more technologically savvy, thieves continue to have success with old-fashioned methods. First there was the guy who robbed a Walmart with their own crowbar and now comes report of a man who not only managed to burgle a McDonald’s through the drive-thru window, but who did it with a broken beer bottle.

The suspect pulled up to a McD’s in Dunedin, FL, last Friday in his Ford Explorer. He asked the cashier at the window to make change for his $1 bill. That’s when he started waving the busted bottle and demanding cash.

The cashier didn’t hand over any cash, but when they backed away from the window, the thief reached through the window and helped himself to the money.

The thief was able to get away from the McDonald’s, but was apprehended by police a short time later. According to reports, he threatened to injure himself with the bottle, but was ultimately taken into custody without doing so.

Dunedin man accused of robbing McDonald’s with bottle

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