Thief Gets Everything He Needs To Rob Walmart… At Walmart

It’s true — You can get everything you need at Walmart, including everything you need to steal thousands of dollars of Walmart merchandise.

According to police in West Valley City, Utah, a man walked into a Walmart around 2:30am and headed straight to the hardware department, where he picked up the first item on his shopping list: A crowbar.

With crowbar in hand, he then strolled over to the electronics department and used the crowbar to break into a display case where he helped himself to some iPods and Nintendo DS systems.

He loaded everything into a shopping cart and walked toward the exit, where he wasn’t stopped by a greeter, but by a customer who had seen what he’d done. The customer decided to not make a big deal out of things after the thief pulled a knife on him.

It’s not known if he also got the knife from Walmart, though he probably could have.

The burglar was able to load most of the items into his car before making a speedy getaway. Witnesses did get his license plate number, but the car was apparently also stolen.

Man allegedly uses West Valley City Walmart merchandise to steal other store goods [Deseret News]

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