Wendy's: If You Want Tomatoes You Will Have To Ask

Crappy freezing weather in Florida has resulted in a lack of acceptable tomatoes to put on your burger, says Wendy’s. So, if you want tomato, you will no longer get it automatically. You’re going to have to ask,and even then you might not get the sort of luscious tomato experience you are accustomed to at Wendy’s.

The Wall Street Journal talked to Reggie Brown, executive vice president of Florida Tomato Growers Exchange, who told them that if there were tomatoes for restaurants to buy they’d be pretty damn expensive.

“Doesn’t matter though, because there isn’t anything to sell,” said Mr. Brown.

Wendy’s doesn’t want to replace their usual tomatoes with massively expensive, yet also totally crappy ones, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

“We have standards that we want to meet on our sandwiches and that our customers expect,” a Wendy’s spokesperson told the paper. “And for a short-term situation, we are finding very inconsistent tomatoes and some questioning about the availability of tomatoes.

“But we feel this is in the best interest to inform our customers that the quality of the tomatoes at this point are not necessary as good as they usually are,” he said.

Subway is changing the type of tomatoes they use and also shipping some in from Mexico. You can also expect crappy tomato displays and high prices at grocery stores.

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